Z's Commissions

Trying out the commission market for the first time owo

I'm currently a grad student, so I may be a little slow getting things out, but I promise I'll get everything to you eventually!

Currently only offering chibis and busts, but might change eventually

Prices (may change depending on complexity):

☼ Chibi ☼:

Human: $15-20

☼ Busts ☼:

Human: $15-20

Dragon: $20-25

Galaxies ☼:

Galaxy: $8-15

♠ Extras ♠:

+ Background: $5-10

+ Extra character: 2x price

Will draw:

♦ Humans/humanoids

♦ Dragons

♦ Light gore

♦ Animals (like Pokemon/Digimon, but how good they are depends on the species)

Will not draw:


♦ Furries (sorry y'all I just have no clue to how to draw em)

♦ Heavy gore

♦ Complex mechas/robots

♦ Any type of hateful or discriminatory content

Please have some sort of visual reference (even a simple one is fine)!

Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

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